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The history of challenge and innovation through R&D in various area.

R&D Outcomes


(Cosmetic Good
Manufacturing Practice)
Suitable for excellent cosmetic manufacturing and quality management standard KFDA certified 18th CGMP manufacturer
ISO 22716
(Cosmetic-GMP-Guideline on
Good Manufacturing Practices)
International certification of cosmetic manufacturing and
quality management
Compound of Innovation and Business.
Refers to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that have gained competitiveness based on their exclusive technology / Technology Grade A
Compound of Management, Innovation and Business.
Refers to innovative management
of small and medium-sized
enterprise that have marketing or
organization innovation.
Approval of corporate affiliate R&D
Obtaining manufacturing permission for non-medical products under the Pharmaceutical Safety and Efficacy Regulation
Total 286 functionality approvals
Functionality Certification
Examination Relieving hair loss 3
Sun Block 4
Wrinkle care / Whitening 3
Report Wrinkle care 278
Dual functionality
Multiple functionality
Government project
Project Period
Developing global cosmetics which has immediate effect using new transdermal delivery spicule and anti-wrinkle material 2016. 11. 01~2019. 01. 31
Effectiveness assessment support for cosmetics export ability provision with developing functional material and advanced product 2018. 08.~2018. 12
Percutaneous absorption test support of spicule cream 2019.07.12~2019.10.31