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The history of challenge and innovation through R&D in various area.
Generic Technology
Domestic Patent
(KR 10-1760045 /
KR 10-1127190)
International Patent
(Pion-Tech Spiculing Method)
  • Patent registration of technology for refining and extracting micro needles obtained from natural bio-sponge
  • Remove impurities by purifying the spicule from nature with a physical/chemical technique, and adjust the size as nano size
  • Embedding effective ingredients that have curative effect on porous structure in the spicule
  • Active ingredients in the spicule are gradually released for 72 hours – Spicule is eliminated while skin regeneration period
Skin Improvement
After PSM SPICULING, Stratum Corneum becomes thinner, Stratum Spinosum becomes Thicker and improving skin and elasticity
(Transdermal Therapeutic System)
There is study of TTS-Transdermal Therapeutic System taking place.
We have introduced TTS from pharmaceuticals, and are expanding field of application now.
Active ingredient mounting
technology into spicule
(Nano Liposome/Ultrasound Soaking Technology)
DDS (Drug Delivery System
(Maximize effectiveness of active ingredient
through delivery technology)
PSM SPICULING dramatically improves percutaneous
absorption rate by penetrating the Rein Membrane
We constantly study new formulation cosmetics that have never been seen before through the converging technology of nano liposome capsule which is smaller than skin cell gaps and self-bubbling which massages skin surface to increase absorption
Domestic Patent Technology
(KR 10-1962952)
Nano Liposomal
Bubbling Technology
  • Patent registration of self-bubbling cosmetic composition and its manufacturing method
  • Stable application of bubbling technology to formulation
  • Improve percutaneous absorption rate by nano liposome capsule technology
Self Generating Bubble
Micro bubble which is highly vaporized reduces skin temperature,
and increased blood circulation by stimulating percutaneous absorption rate.
[Skin Improvement Effect]
Synergy of nano liposome technology and micro bubble
Active ingredients are delivered more quickly and effectively to skin based on nano liposome technology.