PION-TECH, Creates global center at Chungbuk Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis, Anticipative investment for ‘Post-Covid19’

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PION-TECH, Creates global center at Chungbuk Osong BioHealth Science T…



View of PION-TECH’s global center which will be developed at Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis, Chungju-si, Chungbuk (Picture by PION-TECH)

Acceleration’ of medium-term investment for ‘Post-Covid19’

PION-TECH initiates an anticipative investment for ‘Post-Covid19’ which is a creation of global center at Chungbuk Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis.

PION-TECH which concentrates on functional cosmetics (Cosmeceutical) is developing a ‘PION-TECH Global Center’ at Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis, Chungju-si, Chungbuk.

Begin construction on last October, global center which is total 19,835will have not only convention hall which accommodates about 1,000 persons but also educational and cultural facilities such as multi-purpose meeting room, duty free shop, cafeteria, kids land. PION-TECH invests USD 3 million for developing a global center. Begin with completion of distribution center this month, convention and production facilities will be built at global center.

PION-TECH has focused on functional cosmetics field such as ‘Volume Tox Original’ since establishment in 2001. Especially, drawing industry’s attention when they released DNA tailored solution ‘GENECODE28’ which utilizes individual’s genetic data last year. CEO, Tae-Gon Kim, said that “We will respond to the global market based on new level of research and manufacturing facilities through developing global center”. Also, “We will grow together with our business partners adding educational and cultural facilities”.

More small-medium companies such as PION-TECH, INSANGA(277410) AND WOORIBIO(082850) invest new office building along with additional facilities. These companies focus on health-care industry such as functional cosmetics and health food in common. These companies consider declining of ‘COVID19’ pandemic in the world, and plan to invest on risk in order to react ‘Post-COVID19’.

Source: https://www.edaily.co.kr/news/read?newsId=03791686625798440&mediaCodeNo=257