PI.GENE GLOBAL who is an exclusive distributor of ‘Silver Bottle’ launched new concept platform ‘ALGOeSHOP’

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PI.GENE GLOBAL who is an exclusive distributor of ‘Silver Bottle’ laun…



With the advent of the untact era due to the sudden outbreak of COVID 19

and many distribution companies are seeking changes, PI.GENE GLOBAL

officially announced on 18th June that they launch new concept business platform

ALGOeSHOP’ which is ALGO biz-platform on 1st July.

PI.GENE GLOBAL is distribution company who established

information & communication based health & beauty platform

in global market under the motto of “Design the health & beauty”

‘PION-TECH Volume Tox Original Peptide Essence’ which is

 called ‘Silver Bottle’ is positioned as steady selling item

and have been sold millions of bottles since the release by word of mouth.

According to the company,

this was possible that they have an exclusive distributorship of PION-TECH

 which is a 19 years R&D oriented manufacturer

who was respected to begin domestic cosmeceutical essence market

based on patent independent bubble technology.


According to the company, “We faced new global order

and chronological changes because of the COVID 19.

Therefore, we will occupy new distribution market through

launching of untact service online shop

‘ALGOeSHOP’ which is different concept from others.

Source: Money Today https://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2020061717473079566