Foundation for Inroading Global Market… Groundbreaking Ceremony ‘Pion-Tech Global Center’

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Foundation for Inroading Global Market… Groundbreaking Ceremony ‘Pion-…





Pion-Tech announced hosting groundbreaking ceremony of ‘Pion-Tech Global Center’ encompassing research, manufacturing, training and culture at Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis in Chungju-si, Chungbuk Province on 26th October 2019. Event was held with 150 employees include CEO Kim, Tae Gon of Pion-Tech (Chairman of PI.GENE Global), CEO Kim, Yu Hwa of PI.GENE Global and PI.GENE Global distributors.

Pion-Tech global center will be built on a 20,000 in Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis. There will be not only research and manufacturing but also large convention hall that can accommodate about 1,000 people, as well as training and cultural facilities such as multi-purpose meeting room, show room, duty free store, cafeteria, restaurant and kids land.

CEO Kim, Tae Gon said "We will strengthen our ability to actively respond to domestic and global markets based on high-level research and manufacturing facilities in the global center that will reflect the trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution in design and lead future growth," Also, "We will create education and cultural facilities where grow together with business partners.“

Meanwhile, Pion-Tech is expanding its business scope to health functional foods and pet products in addition to the existing Cosmeceutical (functional cosmetics) through DNA customized solution ‘Genecode28' that utilizes personal genetic information based on genetic testing. Starting with a business partner partnership with China's major retailer Bai E Group, it is also seeking to diversify global distribution, including Vietnam, Malaysia and Germany.