PI.GENE Global Exports $100 Million for DNA Cosmetics ‘Genecode28’ to China

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PI.GENE Global Exports $100 Million for DNA Cosmetics ‘Genecode28’ to …



Providing cosmetics · business model for 3 years to Bai E International Group, Pion-Tech develops · manufactures and PI.GENE Global sells.

‘Genecode28’ allows total 165 different prescriptions through DTC gene analysis, ‘Go to global market beyond China with Bai E International Group’

PI.GENE Global is taking a commemorative photo after signing a supply contract with China’s Bai E International Group for "Genecode28.“

Korea small and medium-sized company has signed a contract with a Chinese company to export DNA cosmetics on a large scale. This is a result of the U.S.-China trade conflict and the freezing of global trade, including the Korea-Japan economic war, drawing attention from the industry.

PI.GENE Global made an announcement on the 4th that it has signed a contract to supply China’s Bai E International Group with the right to use business models for a total of $100 million (about 120 billion won) over the next three years, along with Genecode28, a customized solution for individual genes.

Genecode28 is a personalized gene-tailored solution that Pion-Tech launched in the domestic market in April this year after nine years of research and development from 2011. After conducting a ‘DTC’ (direct-to-consumer) genetic analysis, a total of 165 prescriptions will provide cosmetics and health functional foods in the form of personalized solutions.