DNA Link Concludes Cooperation with Pion-Tech for Genetic Test

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DNA Link Concludes Cooperation with Pion-Tech for Genetic Test



DNA Link provides customer genetic test Pion-Tech supplies customized cosmetics based on test result.

DNA Link announced on the 28th that has signed strategic cooperation with Pion-Tech for sales of DNA cosmetics and genetic testing (DTC).

DNA Link will provide genetic test to customers of Pion-Tech, and Pion-Tech will provide 165 customized cosmetics based on individual genetic testing results.

Cosmeceutical market which combining pharmaceutical ‧ bio technology to cosmetics has grown rapidly, and cosmeceutical takes 8.9% of world cosmetics market.

"We expect more business opportunities related to genetic analysis will be created if regulations on genetic testing are eased and the number of items is expanded," said Lee Jong-eun, CEO of DNA Link. "We will focus on expanding our presence in global markets such as China, Vietnam, and Japan, which are the largest markets for Cosmetics along with Pion-Tech."​