CEO of Pion-Tech, Kim, Tae Gon, Said “Monthly Delivery of DNA Cosmetic, Change the Territory”

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CEO of Pion-Tech, Kim, Tae Gon, Said “Monthly Delivery of DNA Cosmetic…


Pion-Tech holds ‘DNA Customizing Solution, Genecode28, Launching Show’ and supplies one to one customized cosmetics through individual genetic analysis.

Kim, Tae Gon, the first CEO of the 'Autoship' service industry to ship to home every month, said, "Genecode28, Exports to China and Taiwan beyond Korea."


“DNA cosmetics ‘Genecode28’ will be an innovative solution that will change the global beauty market trend." (Kim Tae Gon, CEO of Pion-Tech)

Pion-Tech which focuses on Nano-bio cosmetics will introduce a service that delivers personalized cosmetics to households every month through genetic analysis for the first time in the industry.

Genecode28 is a method that provides customized one-to-one cosmetics solutions for individuals through a total of 165 prescriptions after conducting genetic analysis. The number "28" refers to the 28th, the period of skin regeneration (turnover) until the skin comes from the dermis and dies. According to this cycle, 'Autoship' service is carried out, which delivers other cosmetics solutions directly to the home every month.

Genecode28 is based on direct-to-consumer genetic testing. After the government allowed 12 items such as skin aging, skin elasticity, and pigmentation in 2016, it will be used in various fields such as customized cosmetics, health functional foods, and exercise methods. Pion-Tech has signed a strategic cooperation with DNA Link (127120), which specializes in testing the genes of the DTC.