PION-TECH and Chungbuk Provincial College (3V-SM Business Group) provide personalized cosmetics for international tourists

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PION-TECH and Chungbuk Provincial College (3V-SM Business Group) provi…


Chungbuk Provincial College 3V-SM Business Group conducts coordination tour for international tourists.

Provides skin care program using state-of-art equipment and utilizing local tourism resource.


Chungbuk provincial college 3V-SM business group conducts ‘The second 3V-SM K-Beauty Coordination Tour’ for tourists whom are living in Korea from Vietnam, China and Korea from 14th to 16th.

“3V-SM K-Beauty Coordination Tour’ is a project of the ‘2020 Regional Tourism Project of Industry, Academic, Research, Public’ organized by the Korea Tourism Organization. They will promote tours connecting Chungbuk local tourism resources and cosmetics industry for both domestic and international tourists.

Tourists who participated in the second tour will be provided with personalized cosmetics through genetic analysis at PION-TECH Co., Ltd., a cosmetics company located in Osong, and individual skin conditions will be diagnosed through skin diagnosis equipment established at the Chungbuk Cosmetics Clinical Research Support Center.