Volume77 LaDuollux Retightening XIL Lifting Cream Essence, Sold out initial volume

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Volume77 LaDuollux Retightening XIL Lifting Cream Essence, Sold out in…





In 2020, a new steady seller is emerged to succeed the ‘PION-TECH VOLUME TOX ORIGINAL PEPTIDE ESSENCE’ which wrote a legend of bubble essence.

This is an exclusive distribution of ‘Volume77 LaDuollux Retightening XIL Lifting Cream Essence” which caused sell-out of initial stocks worth USD 2.5 million within 2 hours of pre-order.

LaDuollux Retightening XIL Lifting Cream Essence is an innovative product that reflect brand slogan ‘ENJOY YOUR IMAGINATION’ on entire development process and embodied perfect synergy effect of totally different texture through 15,600 R&D hours and 960 texture evaluations.

All beauty solutions are contained in one bottle without cost saving which is considered by typical cosmetics, and applied two contents which were invented by active ingredients considering efficacy only and active ingredient synergy study in dual container. This was available because of these processes that caused sold-out called ‘XIL TOX’ or ‘Gold Bottle’ even before releasing.

This maximizes efficacy by low temperature drop method which contains PLLA, Hybrid spider peptide, 24K gold vitamin in golden thread which attracts attention.

PI-GENE Global is an exclusive distributor of PION-TECH which is a cosmeceutical manufacturer and sells products both domestic and global markets. An official of company said, “We are trying to secure stocks due to the enormous inquiries from customer.”

Source: MIRAE HANKOOK Weekly(http://www.futurekorea.co.kr)